Automatic Wire Feeding Machine Wiring Rack Wire WF001 Wire Prefeeder Can Work With Wire Stripping And Terminal Crimping Machine

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Automatic wire release machine wiring rack wire feeding machine WF001 for wire cutting machine terminal machine stripping machine

Product Features:

This machine is a fully automatic wire feeder, with automatic computer stripping machine use, eliminating the hassle of manual wiring, you just need to fasten the wire on the shelf, need to send the line when starting the motor, the wire relaxation to a certain degree of automatic stop, suitable for a variety of electronic wire/Line/sheath
Line/nylon wire and other wire use.

Compact design, easy installation, spool size can be adjusted, convenient and fast.

Any form of fully automatic terminal machine/stripping machine, can be used with the machine.

We can also customize the retrofit according to the special needs of our customers.

Product attributes:

1. Automatic wire stripping machine/wire cutting machine delivery frame

2. Wire delivery speed 1.2 m/s

3. With storage line function, can be stored line 4 meters

4. Mainly used for: tell automata/wire cutting Machine/electronic wire/Line/high temperature line/nylon wire

5. Suitable for automatic line use of various wiring/wire/cable/hose ropes.









Speed gear



< 15KG


Inductive with brakes


Automatic terminal machine, wire cutting machine, terminal

machine etc

Dear customers:

Please let us know the following parameters when you order, our factory will be pre-set well to facilitate your use !

1.Wire Type

2.Wire Diameter

3.Wire Weight (One Roll)

4.Wire Roll Diameter

5.Wire Feeding Speed (How Many Meters Per Second ?)

6.The Length of Each Cut

7.Is There a Spool ?

8.Length, height, inner hole of The spool ?

ModelWF001 wire feeding machine
Model NumberWF001
OriginMainland China
TypeMale to Female

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