Epoxy Resin 1:1 AB Glue Dual Barrel Dispenser Machine

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Product Description

AB dispensing machine kit packing list:

1pcs hand control double liquid dispensing valve

2pcs 2L stainless steel pressure tank

accessories for pressure tank

1. power button: press the light on to open, the light off to off

2. Dispatch time display: Display setting time

3.output pressure regulator: first pull out, reverse the pressure is small, smooth to large pressure

4. barometer: display range is 0-100pSi

5. continued ourlet hole: the hanging valve continued to vent hole

6. tesing key: in debugging, can replace the use of foot switch

7.Interval time setting dialing key: Press the display setting time, adopt the addition and subtraction mode 0.1S-9.9S (automatic timing

8. Spit time dial key: display set time, using addition and subtraction 00.01S-99.99S (automatic timing)

9. control out the hole: connect the valve to control the intake hole

10. Foot switch: take off for the open, release off

11. pressure output: according to the connection clean high pressure source

12.Discharge method Programmer: 16 kinds of free to set the way out

13.Foot controller interface: Connect the foot switch

14.Power input socket

15.input voltage: 220V(+-10%) 50HZ

OriginMainland China

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