0.1-10mm JE2 JE2S Peeling Stripping Cutting Machine Computer Automatic Wire StripSDtripping Machine 220V 110V Optional

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SWT508-JE2 JE2S Peeling Stripping Cutting Machine Computer Automatic Wire StripSDtripping Machine 0.1-10mm 220V 110V Optional Touch Screen Control


1.C / E/ SD/ SDB / SDB2/ JE / JE2 / ZW16 / ZW25 / YHT2 / NX2 above models with Wire Cable Straighteneronly, other models need to buy extra.

2.Such as E/S, SD/S, DB2/S, JE/S, JE2/S, MAX1-4S, HT2/Sare touch screen panel models.

3.Crystal Protect case not included, if need please leave message to seller.

4. Wire collectornot included, if need please leave message to seller.)

Product Description

 The product function characteristics:

 Collection and integration, the microcomputer automatic computer for the strip line machine is a kind of introduced in Japan, Taiwan, and other advanced automation technology of all of the numerical control equipment.

 Our product is to use LCD screen man-machine dialogue mode, with nice appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance, speed, precision higher main features. Wire length can set arbitrary, thrum and the line end parameters can also according to the customer request to change, different degree of finish stripping wires, also has the high tension line of line, casing of the shear etc. Function


 Widely used in the electronics industry, the city ahs, electrical appliances, motor, lamps and lanterns, toys, and other various products of wire processing. Optimal stripped wire PVC, teflon, glass wire, etc.

 Technical parameters:





AC 220V/110V50/60 Hz



Cutting length

1-9999 mm

1-100000 mm

Cutting tolerance

(0.2+/- 0.002 by L) mm

Cut off the error

Can be modified

Stripping length

Front end 0-50mm,Rear end 0-50 mm

Front end 0-80mm,Rear end 0-80 mm

Middle strip cut

11 place strip

16 places strip

Cutting wire core section

0.1-8mm2 (AWG8 #-AWG28 #)

0.1-10mm2 (AWG7 #-AWG28 #)

Max cut diameter



Optimal stripped wire

PVC/teflon/silica gel line /. Glass fiber cables, etc

The blade

Hard tungsten steel (import BaiGang optional)

Peel linear velocity (a/hour)

L = 100 mm, 3000-5000 PCS/h (high yield)

L = 100 mm, 4000-7000 PCS/h (high yield)

Driving way

4 wheels drive

Envelop dimensions




Showing the way

Chinese and English LCD interface


12 months

Noise level


Model NumberSWT508-JE2 SWT508-JE2S
OriginMainland China
TypeMale to Female

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