1:1 2:1 4:1 10:1 Simple Manual AB Two-Component Glue Dispensing Machine 2 Part Digital Glue Dispenser

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1, with the high-pressure air within the set time, the foot switch or automatic launch of the liquid.
2. A little drip, linkage, timing dispensing function; drip is to directly trigger the foot switch to dispense, and the accuracy of the dispensing amount can be controlled by time; the linkage is to control the dispensing time by how long the pedal is off ; Timing glue is to start the switch and control the glue by time
3. Using accurate digital timing controller to accurately control the time of each titration, accurate to milliseconds, and accurately control the liquid material flow without wasting liquid material.
4. As long as you adjust the air pressure, time and choose the appropriate needle, you can easily change the amount and time of each drip. Can solve many dispensing problems, simple to use, quick and easy to use,
5. Equipped with vacuum reback suction function, anti-vacuum backflow system; prevents the liquid in the syringe from dripping or retracting automatically, and can control liquids with different viscosities to prevent dripping and consistent glue output. Not easy to fatigue, no waste, wide use, complete products,
6. It can be equipped with different sizes of syringes and needles according to user needs

1. Power switch: turn on the power, the indicator light shows the "ON" position2. Mode switch: put the control circuit in
automatic or manual mode
3.Time switch: adjust the duration of glue ejection
4. Air pressure regulator: control the air pressure added to the machine (the pressure regulator handle needs to be pulled out and then adjusted)
5.Vacuum control: adjust the intensity of vacuum back pumping
6.Barometer: display air pressure

7. Breathing hole: connect with silicone sleeve
8. Intake pipe: air compressor inlet
9.Drip volume classification: the drip duration can be divided into four levels
10.Foot switch jack: access to the foot switch
11.Power socket: access the power cord
12. Manual switch jack: access manual switch

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