1200W Weld Seam Cleaning Machine Weld Polishing Machine TIG Welding Machine 220V/110V

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1200W Weld Seam Cleaning Machine Stainless Steel Weld Polishing Machine TIG Welding Machine
Instructions for use:
1, Connect the cleaning gun( torch) and the ground cable to the correct position, and then use a
small piece of cloth tip with a rubber band to wrap the gun(torch), make the gun(torch) insulated.
2,Connect the ground clamp to the workpiece, make the gun(torch) power on,make the gun touch
the cleaning fluid, cleaning the welding seam place  slowly moving back and forth, the black color
of welding will disappear instantly , after thate rinse  with water immediately.
3, When there is a small spark during cleaning, means that the processing cloth has been broken,
insulation failure, replace the cloth.
4, If there is a short circuit during working, power will be automatically disconnected, machine
stop working, then simply press on again, you can continue to work.
Voltage: AC 220V/110V
Power: 1200W
Size: 310*170*230mm
Weight: 12KG
machine 1pcs
3m Cleaning gun 1pcs
Ground wire 1pcs
Brush head 2pcs
Copper clamp head 1pcs
Sponge 20pcs
Fuse 4pcs
This weld seam cleaning machine is the latest new product introduced by our company, which is
convenient, fast and comprehensive. Dual-use function: brush treatment, cloth treatment; quick
cleaning, weld bead bright
One year warranty
We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax, it is buyer’s responsibility.

Model NumberTIG
OriginMainland China

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