220v/45w Wire Thermal Stripper, Three-layer Insulated Wire Stripping Pliers, Electric Heating Stripping Pliers

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The thermal stripper is a perfect combination of industrial design and structure. The handle is shaped like an ordinary pair of tweezers, including cables and connectors, and the weight is not more than 60g. Because of this, this product is very suitable for manual operation and significantly improves production efficiency.

Performance advantages:

Exquisite design, reasonable structure, more user-friendly operation safety;

The temperature rises quickly, the temperature adjustment range is wide, and the application is more extensive;

The cutter head material is made of special alloy steel, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance;

The built-in heating wire greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the cutter head and reduces the power consumption.


ARCUS wire thermal stripper is widely used in electronic manufacturing enterprises such as military electronics, scientific research institutes and transformers. This product can be easily used to strip some low temperature materials such as: PVC, NYLON and POLYETHYLENE (polyethylene) Leaves the residue of the insulating layer on the head, and can also peel off some high temperature insulating layers such as: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), TEFZEL, TEFLONT and SILICONE RUBBER (silicon rubber) without carbonization.

power supply

Small and compact power adapter with ON/OFF power switch, LED indicator, strong heating time adjustment knob, handle temperature control button and "HI/LO" output socket, and has a handle holder. The power adapter provides an isolated, low-voltage output port for safe operation.

Power Specifications:

220VAC 50/60HZ 45W

Size: 12(L)×11(W)×7(H)cm


There are three specifications of handles to meet the requirements of different wire diameters. There is a stripping length locator on the inside of the handle, so that the stripping operation is accurate and the batch production is consistent.

Lightweight, flexible and easy to use in small spaces.

The heating structure design is reasonable, reducing the heat loss of the cutter head and reducing the heat of the plastic handle.

Excellent selection of materials, improve reliability, precision machining to ensure product service life.

handle specification

AT-100A Φ0.15mm-Φ0.61mm wire diameter wire

AT-100B Φ0.38mm-Φ1.22mm wire diameter wire

AT-100C parallel knife edge Maximum wire diameter: Φ6.3mm

Temperature range: 130-860℃

Handle size: 11.3(L)×1.25(W)×2.3(H)cm

Size of cutter head: 1.4(L)×0.7(W)cm

Model NumberAT-100
OriginMainland China
Power supply220V/50 60HZ

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