373 automatic tin feeding system

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373 automatic tin feeding system

Product Features

Choose between automatic tin production and manual tin production;

Optional foot switch and manual tin discharge switch;

Fully automatic tin output function, adjustable, with tin output speed, tin output quantity, tin output

interval time, and automatic tin return function;

The automatic tin production supporting system is suitable for various soldering irons and welding

stations, improving work efficiency.

Product specifications

Power consumption: 5W

Motor power: DC24V3.2W

Tin feeding time: 0-3.5s

Tin feeding speed: 14-35mm/S

Tin feeding amount: 0-123mm

Tin return amount: adjustable

Tin wire diameter: 0.6/0.B/1.0/1.2/1.4/1.6mm

External dimensions: L215xW107xH110mm

Weight: approximately 1.76Kg

Packaging size: 280 × two hundred and thirty × 190mm

Model Number737
OriginMainland China

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