6T/10T Hydraulic Rebar Bender Manual Copper Tube Bending Machine Stainless Steel Pipe Bending Tool Powerful Hydraulic Plier

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Our latestdevelopment of new hydraulic pipe bender, good to use without effort! Suitable for pipe diameter 10-25mm, wall thickness 2-5MM.

The tube is not deformed, the maximum 90 degrees.

Model: SWG-25

Name: Integral hydraulic pipe bender

Output: 6T

Stroke: 120mm

Outer diameter: Φ10mm-Φ25mm

Pipe wall thickness: 2-5mm

Configuration mold: Φ10, Φ13, Φ16, Φ19, Φ22, Φ25

Pipe wall thickness:2-5mm


Bender plate thickness: 1 inch is 6mm 2 inch is 8mm 3 inch is 10mm 4 inch is 12mm 5 inch is 12mm above the addition of 18 large steel reinforcement

Model: SWG-1

Name: integral hydraulic pipe bender

Output: 10T

Stroke: 170mm

Crimping range:1/4″-1″

Outside diameter: Φ13mm-Φ34mm

Configuration mold: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″

Corresponding diameter:Φ13,Φ16,Φ19,Φ22,Φ28,Φ34

Pipe wall thickness:2-3.5mm


Scope of use: Applicable to general water pipe, wire pipe, gas pipe, thick steel pipe, etc., angle bending up to 90 degrees.

Moulds are made of ductile iron, than ordinary gray cast iron has higher strength, better toughness and plasticity, more resistant to use, not easy to fracture

Brand NameXMSJ
Model NumberYYWGJ
name1Powerful Hydraulic Plier
name2Hydraulic tool
OriginMainland China
TypeHydraulic Pipe Benders
UsageCommercial Manufacture
use withElectric Hydraulic Pump

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