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Terminal machine blade/OTP blade
Terminal machine blade/OTP blade
  • Terminal machine blade/OTP blade

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Terminal machine blade/OTP blade 

Terminal cutting die is a professional riveting tool processing end of electronic wiring harness, many companies in order to reduce costs, choose some domestic steel,cause the cutting dies are not hard enough and crack easily, enabling customers to worry about changing cutting die daily, Our company adopts Japan high-quality steel, vacuum heat treatment after ten times processing. Thus greatly improving the cutting die punching power.

1. The terminal blade import DC53 material grinding together, hardness of 60 degrees, the useful life of more than 50 million times.

2. Design according to the terminal specifications;

3. Design mold according to the type of model;

4.The larger amount of blades more Inexpensive .

5. At the same time has sophisticated production equipment and strong technical strength, specialized in precision tool mold making, research and development of technology-based enterprises, the company has a group of experienced, skilled professional and technical personnel number. We can design a variety of graphics according to customer requirements, can produce high-precision, difficult, long life cutter mold

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