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  • LAN CABLE Production Procedure, usb cable manufacturing process, cat 6 cable making machine, how are patch cables made, copper wire manufacturing, patch cord machine,what is the last step in making network cable
  • 1. Process cable———automatic wire cutting and stripping machine & automatic wire feeder machine, 2. Combined the USB connector with the cable—Automatic USB wire soldering machine3. Connector Injection molding ———–injection molding machine and some matching machines, 4. USB cable Performance Testing-Electrical performance Testing machine
  • HDMI Cable Production Procedure, Process 1: Cut and strip the cable, Process 2: Trim the Aluminum foil process 3: Position the inner wire on the plastic wire claw holder Angle-type wire traverse machine process 4: Strip the inner wire process 5: Tin the inner wire process 6: Assemble the connector with wire Process 7: welding the connector
  • power cord cable Manufacturing Process and Equipment, cable manufacturing process, electrical wire manufacturing process, cable manufacturing plant, cable manufacturing process ppt presentation, cable manufacturing process flow chart, cable manufacturing machine, wire manufacturing company, wire drawing


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