Advertising Stickers Paper Cutting Machine Automatic Conductive Cloth Sound Insulation Cotton Cutting Machine

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1. Applicable industries: electronics industry, electrical appliance industry, e-commerce industry, packaging industry, automobile and motorcycle parts industry, clothing factories, leather factories, luggage factories, outdoor supplies, toys and other industries
2. Scope of application: PVC plastic film, EVA sponge, non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, conductive cloth, acetate cloth,
absolutely green paper release paper; barley paper, fast paper, self-adhesive paper, artificial leather, bubble film, packaging
film, EVA Film, PI film, reflective film, PET protective film, EVA foam sponge, EVA rubber foam rubber pad, plastic sponge, /
copper tape / copper foil, aluminum sheet / aluminum tape / aluminum foil nickel sheet / nickel tape / nickel Fixed-length cutting of foil, electrode/pole piece, diffuser/plastic piece/mica piece, battery separator and other materials

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