Automatic Desktop Screw Feed Double Screwdriver Machine Screw Fastening Machine

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Function :Automatic screw feeding, sorting and fastening

Magazine capacity:1000-10000PCS based on screw size

Suitable screw:M1.4-M6

suitable screw lengh:4-30

Screw cap diameter:2.0-12mm

Feeding mode:air blowing

Cylinder stroke:75mm

Applicable screw shape:most

Applicable screw material:unlimited

Working pressure 0.4-0.6MPA (adjustable)

Power supply:AC220V50/60Hz



Applicable glue:

This product is designed by the development team of the company for many years and has been designed based on a comprehensive summary of actual needs. The position rate is increased by 2--4 times or 1-3 people are saved per machine, and the process and station labor costs have been reduced by 50% -70%. And directly and significantly improve the competitiveness and survival of products and enterprises.

1. High efficiency, 60 ~ 120pcs / m, one person is equivalent to two or threepersons,

2. The speed of screw locks of new and old employees is almost the same, employees can work long hours without being tired, and can maintain efficient work.

3. Low cost, far lower than the price of screw machines in the existing market. No air cylinder, low energy consumption, cost saving, can be faster than pneumatic and fully automatic.

4. The electric batch is small and light. It will not hinder the workers' sight, and it is convenient to store and move.

5.Stable performance, convenient after sale. The machine has a service life of 2 to 3 years, and non-professionals can process it in 5 seconds to 1 minute. Sporadic failure. Professional engineers assist in troubleshooting.

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Optional electric batch and wind batch use

Air blow type Split material head

Equipped with material shortage alarm function! Air pressure can be adjusted to ensure stable air supply!

Large silo with increased capacity and convenient feeding! Open screw conveyor track, easy maintenance!

DIY SuppliesWoodworking
MaterialHigh-Speed Steel
OriginMainland China

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