Automatic Nickel Strip/PVC Tube/Plastic Tape Cutting Machine Adhesive Tape Slitting Machine for Aluminium Nickel Belt

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Product Description

1. Dedicated mechanical structure and special blades, coupled with professional software control, perfectly solve the problem of uneven incision . achieve incision flatness

2. The self-developed special cutting machine motion control system and core technology are suitable for cutting the product with a set length.

3. All Chinese and English LCD large screen display, the operation is clear at a glance, simple and convenient.

4. High-speed conveying of materials to be cut, microcomputer program control accuracy up to 0.1.

5. Length and speed can be adjusted continuously to achieve high efficiency operation.

6. Adjustable cutting speed, fully control the high and low speed of the cutting machine.

7. Set automatic group accumulation and total accumulation count.

8. Pause and delay time can be set.

9. Automatic shutdown when lack of material, no need to watch.

10. This machine is widely used in the electronics industry, automobile and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors, toys, transformers, clothing, handicrafts and other industries, professionally cutting PVC casing, heat shrinkable casing, yellow wax tube, glass fiber tube, Teflon casing , Silicone tube, rubber tube, infusion tube, PE tube, small wire, cable, nickel sheet, copper foil, aluminum foil and other fixed length and quantitative cutting.



Power:AC 220V 50/60HZ

Cutting speed:120 one time /min


Cutting tolerance:0.1mm


Cutting length:0.1-9999.9mm

Cutting width:1-100mm

Cutter power:95W

Cutting depth unit:0.01mm

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OriginMainland China

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