Corrugated Box Compressive Testing Machine Carton Box Compressive Strength Tester Carton Compressive Testing Machine

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Corrugated Box Compressive Testing Machine Carton Box Compressive Strength Tester Carton Compressive Testing Machine

Intelligent carton compression testing machine:

It is a basic instrument for testing the compressive strength performance of corrugated boxes (ie, packaging testing equipment), and is suitable for compressive strength testing, compliance testing and stacking strength testing of various corrugated boxes.

Adopt standard:

GB/T4857.4-92 Packaging Pressure test method for transport package:

GB/T48573-92 Static load stacking test method for packaging and transportation packages,


1. Automatically return to position after the test, automatically judge the crushing force and automatically save the test data

2. Three settable speeds, all Chinese LCD display operation interface, optional units

3. It can input relevant data and automatically convert the compressive strength, with its own packaging stacking test function; it can directly set the strength and time, and automatically stop after the test is completed.

4. Three working modes:

Strength test: the maximum pressure resistance of the box can be measured;

Fixed value test: the overall performance of the box can be detected according to the set pressure;

Stacking test: According to the requirements of national standards, stacking tests under different conditions such as 12 hours and 24 hours can be carried out.

The main technical parameters:

Capacity selection: 1T by default, 2T can be remarked (can be customized according to customer requirements); Accuracy level: Level 1:

Control mode: microcomputer control (optional computer operating system); display mode: electronic LCD screen display (or computer display); force unit switching: kgf, gfNkN, Ibf:

Stress unit switching: MPa, kPa, kgf/cm2, lbf/in2 Displacement unit: mm, cm, ini

Power Resolution: 1/100000 Display Resolution: 0.001N:

Machine travel: 6008001000 12001500;

Platen size: 600*600 800*8001000*1000 1200*12001500*1500, can be customized;

Test speed: 5mm~100mm/min can input speed arbitrarily; software function: Chinese and English language exchange;

Shutdown mode: overload shutdown, automatic shutdown of specimen damage, automatic shutdown of upper and lower limit setting; safety device: overload protection, limit element protection device: machine power: AC variable frequency motor drive controller: mechanical system: high-precision ball screw :

Power supply: AC220V/50HZ~60HZ4A;

Machine weight: 600*600*600 carton compression testing machine is about 280KG, different models have different weights, please consult the customer service manager for details;

Performance characteristics: The percentage breaking value can be set to automatically stop, you can enter the menu to select 4 different speeds, 20 results, and you can view the average and single results of all test results;

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