Fully Automatic Multi Core Cable Stripping Machine Round Sheathed Wire Stripping Machine Cable Manufacturing Equipment

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Product Description

This machine is driven by a four-wheel stepper motor, mainly for 2 core/3 core/4 core soft sheathed wire, hard sheathed wire, Teflon sheathed wire copper sheathed wire, cable sheathed wire

Machine parameters

Product name/model:Automatic computer sheath wire stripping machine JL-600-6H



power:AC220V 50/60HZ 700W

Stripping range:Diameter 1mm-6mm

Core wire processing range:Two core/three core/four core

Cutting length:0.1-99999.9

Length of outer stripped wire:Stripping head 0.1-70mm, stripping tail 0.1-70mm

Core wire stripping length:Stripping head 0.1-20mm, stripping tail 3-20mm

Stripping accuracy:Silent hybrid stepping motor 0.01mm

Blade material:Imports of tungsten steel / high speed steel

Operation interface:Full touch 4.3 inch LCD display

Control system:SCM self-developed motion control board

Drive method:

Four-wheel stepper motor drive

Program:100 memory programs

Production capacity:100/500/1000mm (1300/1100/900pieces/hour)

Product Details

Model NumberJL-600H
OriginMainland China

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